After years of declarations, international initiatives providing realistic models to accelerate the process of transition to an open, comprehensive and immediate access to the scientific publications have recently been consolidating.

It is the case of Plan S as well as of AmeliCA. Although both have a global aspiration, the first was developed in Europe and the second in South America, with a particular regard to the scientific production of the South of the world and to the social sciences and the humanities, potentially weaker groups in the scientific communication.

Both initiatives are based on ten principles, which summarise their strategies. Keeping in mind the context in which it was created, Plan S is mainly focused on the regulation of the relations with the publishing industry as far as the publication of the scientific contributions is concerned.

AmeliCA is oriented, for its own history and culture, to strengthen the provision of services by academic institutions themselves, through the delivery of technology and knowledge with the purpose of ensuring lower costs in the publication of science.

An infographic comparing the ten principles of both initiatives is reported below, as made available by AmeliBlog.

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