The Library manages the update, the preservation and the dissemination of the bibliographic heritage of the Institutes in the CNR Area through the provision of the following services:

  • reference and support in bibliographic search 
  • use of the resources
  • acquisition of the resources
  • cataloguing and preservation of the resources
  • loan, interlibrary loan
  • document delivery 

The Library takes part in:

The Library:

  • is Italian Reference and Training Centre for the library automation system LIBERO. The library staff is in charge of the system set-ups and management, providing assistance to other librarians and users. Libero server hosts external catalogues of other CNR institutes, as well as other external collections.
  • is office of the National Civile Service project [UNSC - Servizio Civile Nazionale] - Una Biblioteca Digitale CNR per la Scienza e la Tecnica: dal Prototipo al Servizio.

Open Science

The Library supports Open Science through the provision of services and the promotion of actions regarding Open Access and Open Data:

  • advice on the theoretical and practical aspects of Open Access;
  • verification of editorial policies and contacts with publishers.

Development activities

  • Design and development of services as support for the CNR scientific community; development of web-based information services.
  • Supply of online informative services to the research community of CNR-Area in Pisa and to external libraries and research bodies.
  • MetaOpacPisano (MOP), the Collective Catalogue that allows integrated access to the documentary resources of the major libraries of the Pisa area.

Research products


Training, support, and consulting in ICT, librarianship, and documentary service to librarians and other operators, especially in the field of library automation, digital libraries, bibliographic services, metadata, interoperability and accessibility standards, web-based information services, communication protocols, cybersecurity, copyright and Open Access rules and regulations.

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