"I'm thinking in Spanish. Don't disturb me in Italian."

Who can forget Cecilia's refrain?

Cecilia was not only a colleague, she was a person who faced life always with a positive attitude that spread all around her. 

Many of us would remember her kindness, her liveliness, her way of being both sweet and respected by children, who adored her.

She always had a nice thought and a smile for everyone who was around her. She also gave us funny surnames to call the attention on our best qualities.

She moved to Italy in 1976 and started to work for the International Institute on Geothermal Research (IIRG - Istituto Internazionale di Ricerca Geotermica). Nobody would imagine the volcano of humanity that warmed up the hearts of those who had the luck and the privilege of meeting her. 

Among Cecilia's passions we remember her plants, especially the lavender and her apricot tree, as well as Mercedes Sosa's melodies. 

She loved spending time in the company of her friends, chat with them and tell stories about her family that she always mentioned. She was amazed by jigsaw puzzles and crime stories. She fancied sleeping long and well, dancing, and planning birthday parties in her house. 

And Cecilia adored laughing!

Cacilia had an huge heart. She donated us not only her cooperation at work and her overwhelming joy. 

In our Library, her generosity has shown in the donation of a collection of scientific literature for children and young adults that we named "Cecilia Giussani Donation". We will curate it and we will try to increase it. 

Everyone who may be interested in the enlargement of the Donation can participate. Please contact the Library staff for more details.

Ciao Cecia, thank you for everything.

We will always remember you with your cigarette and your summer hat on, while spreading your love and joy around the world.


All books and series

Complete list here

Here following there is a brief description of the book series included in the Donation.

"I miei piccoli eroi"

The "I miei piccoli eroi" series deals with personalities who have distinguished themselves in various capacities and is structured in such a way that it seems as if the character herself/himself is doing the talking, telling her/his story. The cover features a cartoon image of the character herself/himself in child and adult versions. At the end of each volume are themed activities. Following the publishing success of the "I miei piccoli eroi" series, Hachette publisher also produced the "Donne straordinarie" series. Attached here is the plan of the work "I miei piccoli eroi" with some explanatory pictures next to the title and some links to the volumes of the series recently reprinted by Mondadori publisher. Cecilia completed this 60-volume series (4 volumes not available).

"Teste Toste"

In 2013, the Andersen Prize was provided to Editoriale Scienza for the series "Teste Toste" which managed to make quality information to young readers, thanks to the dialogic interview formula (each time Federico Taddia interviews a great mind). Later, interviews with scientists and popularizers from CNR were added to the series. The series is present in the Library thanks to Cecilia's donation. In the series:

"Perché le stelle non ci cadono in testa?" (available in the library and currently on loan)

"Perché i vulcani si svegliano?" (available in the library)

"Perché i robot sono stupidi?" (available in the library)

"Perché diamo i numeri?" (available in the library)

"Perché la Terra ha la febbre?" (available in the library)

"Perché siamo parenti delle galline?" (available in the library)

"Perché si dice trentatré?" (available in the library)

"Perché il touchscreen non soffre il solletico?" (available in the library)

"Baby scienziati"

The "Baby Scientists" series was born out of a desire to make books about physics (and more!) for very young children as well.
The author, Chris Ferrie, is not only a scientist; he is also a father of 4 wonderful children and is convinced that it is never too early to introduce children to big ideas, because "it only takes a small spark to ignite a child's mind." Our Cecilia 
was certain of this.

"Fisica quantistica" (available in the library)

"Ingegneria spaziale" (available in the library)

"Relatività generale" (available in the library)

"Ottica fisica" (available in the library)

"La letteratura a fumetti"

Pictured is Michele Strogoff. There are many classic masterpieces dusted off in a comics edition that shows the collaboration of prominent names in the comics and graphic novel scene. For instance, Michele Strogoff was illustrated by Daniele Caluri from Livorno, already known for Don Zauker created with Emiliano Pagani. Each classic has a different illustrator. Cecilia completed this 37 volumes series (6 volumes unavailable).

"Romanzi classici per ragazzi" (Gridaudo publisher)

The Gribaudo publisher created a special collection of kids' classics, with creative covers, unabridged versions, and surprises, such as the small survival manual available inside the book "Robinson Crusoe" and the world map of "Around the World in 80 Days."

Cecilia donated some volumes from this series. 

"Atlante degli animali" This is a donation within a donation. Within Cecilia's collection for kids, Dr. A. Manzella donated this collection of hers that came out in 2006 as a supplement to Corriere della Sera newspaper. The series is complete.
"La scienza per gioco" "La scienza per gioco" was a 2015 attachment to "Le Scienze" and structured into 8 thematic volumes with the intention of discovering science by playing with everyday things. Cecilia completed this series.
"Viaggio nel tempo. La storia del mondo attraverso le mappe antiche"

In this day and age, when satellite imagery and geolocation services such as Google Maps now offer incredibly detailed images of the earth's surface, we can easily forget that for most of human history the world has been an unknown tabula rasa on which cartographers, scientists, men of faith and rulers have imprinted their dreams and drawn their ideas. This series explores the changes in the perception and depiction of the world over the centuries and across very different cultures. From 18th-century Japanese cartography to European merchant maps, from maps used for propaganda to fictional maps, we will travel along with the cartographers of the past and relive the disputes that animated the scientific academies of Paris, London, and St. Petersburg over what should fill in the large empty spaces still on maps. In this series, we will observe the birth of the modern world through the lenses of cartographers and learn that ancient maps are a poignant reminder of how our knowledge and perception of the world are both rich and limited.

Collection of 4 issues attached to "Il Giornale" in 2017. Cecilia completed this series. Within each volume, there are two maps attached.

"Le meraviglie della Scienza"

A new series designed to stimulate youngsters to read and understand science, with quality content guaranteed by National Geographic. An extraordinary adventure into the world of science, surprising and immersive page after page, thanks to the power of the most spectacular color photographs, 3D reconstructions, and exclusive content designed especially for young readers. With each issue, a monographic volume tackles a topical scientific issue or one that has represented a real breakthrough in human history, with a stimulating and spectacular approach.

On the newsstands with National Geographic, in 2019 there were some periodic releases discovering the most compelling and topical science topics.

Cecilia completed this 35-volume series (4 volumes unavailable).

"Corriere della Sera e Gazzetta dello Sport -Enciclopedia dei ragazzi" It was an issue on newsstands with the Corriere della Sera newspaper; it is presented divided by topic.
"Grande enciclopedia dei ragazzi" It is a useful compendium divided into sections: the animal, plant, and science and technology world. Easy to understand and reference. Available in the library.

Cecilia Giussani Donation


In Cecilia Giussani Donation find space educational books, classics of children's literature, and "pre-books" for children of pre-school age.

Children may ask for borrowing and return the book once read or renew the loan if it has not been reserved by other children yet.

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