ACNP - National Catalogues of Serials

It originates from the National Collective Archive of Serials [Archivio Collettivo Nazionale dei Periodici (ACNP)] in the 1970s as an initiative of ISRDS-CNR. It contains the bibliographic references of the serials owned by libraries located in Italy and covers all scientific areas. 

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SBN - National Library Service

The SBN catalogue (OPAC SBN) allows users to search the national library collective catalogue of the libraries participating in the National Library Service [Servizio Bibliotecario Nazionale (SBN)], the network of the Italian libraries promoted by the MiBact, the Regions and the Universities, and coordinated by the ICCU.

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CNR Central Library Catalogue - Centre for Science

From January 2017 the CNR Central Library “G. Marconi” is part of the Centre for Science of the National Library Service (Polo EVE-SBN), after signing in a collaboration agreement between the Central Libraries of the National Institute for Geophysics and Vulcanology (INGV) and the National Research Centre (CNR).

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SBA Pisa - University of Pisa Library System

Catalogues of the University of Pisa Library System 

MAI - MetaOpacAzalai

Edited by the Italian Library Association [Associazione Italina Biblioteche (AIB)] and CILEA, it allows to browse simultaneously more than 140 online catalogues of Italian libraries and library consortia.

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BNCR - National Central Library of Rome Catalogue

From 1990 the Catalogue of the National Central Library of Rome is available online. It currently displays information about:

  • all printed documents owned by the Library from 1958, as well as acquired collections available as databases;
  • all serials titles;
  • part of the ancient monographs (70,000 titles ca., XVI-XIX Centuries).

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BNCF - National Central Library of Florence Catalogue

The Catalogue of the National Central Library of Florence allows searching in the database of the BNCF. From 1985 the BNCF Catalogue is online. Years earlier than 1985 are still not available. The Catalogue displays also titles held by other libraries belonging to the BNCF system.

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