The library hosts volunteers recruited for the project of National Civil Service (Servizio Civile Nazionale). The Library offers traineeships and post-graduate internships for students of Universities affiliated to the Institutes of the CNR Area in Pisa.

The National Civil Service is an opportunity for personal growth offered to young people. The main purpose of the Service is to contribute to the defence of the country with non-military means but through the realization of the constitutional principles of social solidarity, civic training and cooperation, at a national and international level. It consists in carrying out services aimed at the individual, society and the safeguarding and protection of the environmental, historical-artistic and cultural heritage of the Nation.

The areas of intervention in which it is possible to provide civil service are related to the following sectors: assistance, civil protection, environment, artistic and cultural heritage, education and cultural promotion, civil service abroad.

The library is participating in the “Alternanza scuola-lavoro” initiative, in partnership with local High Schools, hosting students enrolled in the final three years. Students have the possibility of contributing to the activities of the library after agreeing on specific training projects.

The “Alternanza scuola-lavoro” allows high-school students to have initial working experiences and establish contacts with different institutions and their activities, with the objective of guiding them in their future choices both as students and as professionals.

The “Alternanza scuola-lavoro” projects are based on specific agreements between local high-schools and hosting institutions, defining aims and activities that will be carried on and rules and regulations that students have to be compliant with.


National Civil Service project [UNSC - Servizio Civile Nazionale] 

The Project is employing four people for one year based in the Library of the CNR-Area in Pisa.

The government-funded project (Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri – Dipartimento della Gioventù e del Servizio Civile Nazionale) is part of the area D – Artistic and Cultural Heritage 01 Library curation and preservation [area D Patrimonio artistico e culturale 01 Cura e conservazione biblioteche].

The Project was born in 2004 from the cooperation between the Scientific Documentation Centre of the CNR-Area in Genova and the Scientific Documentation Centre of the Institute of Science and Information Technology “Alessandro Faedo” in Pisa. Its purpose is to promote support services for researchers. From 2008, the Library of CNR-Area in Bologna has entered the project; starting from 2019 the Library "G. Marconi" of CNR-Rome has joined the project too.

The Project is submitted every year responding a call for action issued by the National Office for the Civile Service [UNSC - Ufficio Nazionale per il Servizio Civile]. The last edition “A CNR Digital Library for Science and Technology: from Prototype to Service 2019” was submitted in November 2018 and received UNSC approval.

The primary objective of the Project is to provide the scientific community with an assisted access point for browsing and exploiting the documentary resources. The main purpose is to create a distributed digital library that offers web services for documentary management, dissemination and usability, concerning the material either externally obtained or produced by CNR institutes. This activity involves both CNR institutes and other local study and research centres with the purpose of:

  • Coordination of the services provided by each branch;
  • Creation of accessible study environments;
  • Support in the use of advanced technology instruments;
  • Set-up of an easy-to-use portal as a single-entry point to support both the scientific and training activities of the users.

The Service is carried out exclusively through voluntary membership. It covers a period of 12 months, for a total of 1,145 hours per year (25 hours per week, spread over 5 working days).

The monthly reimbursement is 439.50 EUR.

For more information on internships, trainings and "Alternanza scuola-lavoro" projects please contact:

Silvia Giannini - 050 3152121 (

Anna Molino - 050 3152120 (

More details on National Civil Service project


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