The Library of the CNR-Area in Pisa was founded in 2000 with the purpose of collecting the bibliographic and documentary resources of the Institutes located in the Area and supporting the informational needs of the scientific community.

The Library constantly revises its catalogues, also hosting and giving relevance to private collections donated by CNR’s personnel. All the resources are discoverable via standardized search instruments.

The core activities of the Library focus on library automation, digital libraries, Open Access, Grey Literature, etc. and web-based information services. The online information services can be exploited by both internal and external institutions. Sharing its available resources and instruments, the Library promotes the collaboration with other national and international library systems.

The Library works in synergy with CNR "headquarters"  in promoting and participating in initiatives for the subscription to online journals and databases, for the development of portals and web-based information services, and for the management of institutional archives hosting the scientific production.

The Library subscribes and promotes the principles and actions of the Open Science community, giving information about national and international initiatives and managing services for the institutes located in the Area and the interested authors.

When using the Library services, please make reference to its Rules and Regulations.

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