ChemSpider is a free online service specialized in Chemistry, which offers rapid access to more than 67 millions chemical entities from hundreds of data sources. Among them, there are journals and databases published by the Royal Society of Chemistry, as well as other publishers' publications and topical indexing services.

Research results are unambiguous, as they have been deduplicated from the original source.

This is a sharable tool among the community of Chemists. Registered users are able to upload their sets of chemical structures and create a personal home page, updating information, media and additional data to the resources already available.

The retrievable records may contain different types of information: physicochemical properties, biochemical, spectroscopic, and toxicological data, links to the catalogues of chemicals suppliers, bibliographic and patent references.

Multiple search options are available: via the chemical name of the substance, its trade name, or drawing the chemical structure using a java applet incorporated in the resource.

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