With the advent of the digital technology the production and the exploitation of the information have radically changed. This new situation has generated a number of questions concerning rules and regulations for the safeguard of the author rights and the distribution of contents.

The Library makes reference to the current Italian law on author rights (n. 633/1941). For more information, please consult our dedicated webpage (English translation not available).  

The European Parliament has recently approved the law reform on copyright. The provisional edition of the text is available here.

The association AISA has formulated a proposal for the alignment of the Italian law to the regulations of more advanced EU countries adding the article 42-bis to the law on author rights with the aim of recognizing the right for republication to the authors of financed research papers.

The additional links on the right provide some documentation distributed by AISA and more literature regarding the Italian law on author rights (Italian only).

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