Open access

Publishing Open Access is not necessarily upon payment. There are several ways to make an article available in open access.

CNR signed a read-only contract with this publisher.

For further information consult the page "CNR Contracts" on the "Pubblicare Open Access al CNR[Publishing Open Access at CNR] website.

SAGE Open Access

- Green OA

  • Embargo - SAGE does not foresee any embargo on the preprint and the postprint. Authors should consider the application of a license as described at the page bottom. 

- SAGE Hybrid Journals

- Gold OA


SAGE Open Portal is an online integrated platform for authors, consortia, libraries, and funders for the management of OA publications on more than 1000 SAGE journals. They include titles published on behalf of or in association with more than 400 societies.

SAGE - Licenses. Authors maintain the copyright on their works on SAGE Choice. The publications are under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial (CC BY-NC) license. Authors who have to comply with an OA mandate by their funder are allowed to apply a CC BY license to their works.

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