On February 26-27, 2019 the 9th international OpenAIRE workshop on Sustainable non-APC open access (OA) publishing models was hosted by the University of Bielefeld, Germany.

An important remark:

"The question "why are non-APC models not addressed more in OA policies?" was posed. In the case of academic publishing, the model is invisible to the end-users (researchers). There are many different initiatives, many of which are grass-roots initiatives, so it's difficult to make one stance. Another issue raised was summed up with the famous quote "It's the economy stupid" - The current economic system struggles to find a place for non-profits. The system is set up and rigged to work with the traditional publishing model, and APCs are a continuation of that model.

Short-term funding is often not sufficient for establishing and building a brand/infrastructure. The balance of the need/wish for more OA journals and books opposed to the statement that there are too many journals and publications already, and how we should focus on quality rather than quantity, was brought up."

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