On 10 January 2019 a COAR webinar regarding Plan S and Repositories was held. Webinar recording and slides are available on COAR web site.

As COAR writes “In general, COAR is strongly supportive of Plan S, is pleased that repositories are included as a mechanism for complying with Plan S (as they are important to ensure innovation in the scholarly publishing system) but has some reservations about the specific functional requirements for repositories as currently outlined”. 

The webinar was highly engaged and COAR team underlines that “participants provided great comments, interesting questions and valuable input to the discussion”. 

Above all, “COAR will be revising its response to Plan S based on these discussions and other community feedback and will submit a final, formal response before February 1st, 2019 and also post it on the COAR website”.

Please, you can find here following some interesting comments:

- "Is there any estimate what portion of the repositories would be compliant with all current requirements of Plan S right now?"

- "The timeline seems hard for many researchers to accept (perhaps correctly), do COAR agree on the short timeline i.e. 2020? Are there aspects that we should consider as problematic (even though "we" as open access advocates genereally applaud it..)?"

- "What about relaxing CC by as an objective while accepting NC or ND or both?"

- "As far as I know, the Plan S group are concerned about the PDF as bring the standard and that we aren't moving from that"

- "How could repositories concretely be supported (by the funders or others) to meet (some of) the requirements for Plan S?"


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