The use of the Internet must be compliant with the core activities and the aims of the Library, as stated in the Rules and Regulation, i.e. study, research and documentation services. The access is allowed both through four wired locations or users’ own laptops via wi-fi.

How to access the Internet service

Users are able to log in the service using the access credentials issued by the Library staff, in compliance with security and privacy rules and regulations. The acceptance of the log in credentials implies the respect of the regulations as responsibility of the user.

The Library staff is available for any request.

The use of the Internet is allowed for no more than two guests per wired location. 

Services available:

  • WWW consultation
  • data download 
  • document print

Services not available:

  • email account
  • file upload
  • instant messaging and chat (e.g. IRC)
  • video calls

Responsibilities and obligations for the users

The use of the Internet is not allowed for purposes out of the current rules and regulations. Users are directly responsible for any breach. The Library staff may report users involved in illegal activities while making use of the Internet in the Library premises. Users should pay damages to the equipment, software, or set ups. Users are also responsible for any violation of the restricted access, copyright regulation, and licenses. Moreover, the alteration of data inserted by others is not allowed, as well as operations that may influence or compromise the regular functioning of the network. 

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