Library and Scientific Documentation Center

The Library is located at the 1st floor of Building 1 in the Research Area of CNR in Pisa. The Library was established in 2000 with the goal of sustaining the research activity of the various and multidisciplinary Institutes of the Pisa CNR.

Library space and services are designed to facilitate collaboration among students, researchers and Institutes. Librarians are available to facilitate discovery, retrieval, and integration of print and digital information.

The Library is maintained by librarians, experts and specialists in information processing and communication science, standards and regulations in the sector,  who are constantly updated on the research in the field of library automation systems, digital libraries and information services based on the web.
Librarians provide several services to the Institutes of the CNR and to the other libraries in Pisa.
The Library works in close liaison and promotes initiatives within the CNR, such as common acquisition of electronic journals and databases, repositories of scientific publications, web portals and participates in national and international projects as well.


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e-mail: libraryMiniatura della versione delle 15:16, 22 feb


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