OASPA 2020 Online Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing

Open Access at a Time of Global Challenge, September 21–24, 2020

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Here following, some slides:

  • Communal paths to equitable open access: a discipline-driven subscribe-to-open model Slides
  • Leveling the playing field: reimagining community investment in open scholarship Slides
  • ‘Scaling small’: new forms of collectivity for resilient open access Slides
  • The Democratizing Value of Open Access  Slides
  • Mid-to Long Term Strategy of J-STAGE: with 1700 Japanese learned societies Slides
  • Open Access Publishing Initiatives at Universidade de São Paulo: a learning process for all Slides
  • Small and scholar-led in Europe: an industrial district Slides
  • Associate Editor Mentee at the South African Journal of Science in the Field of Agriculture and Forestry, South Africa Slides
  • Supporting the Future of Open Scholarship Slides
  • The ‘Berlin Wall’ of prestige in academic and research ecosystem Slides
  • Open Mantra for Open Science Slides
  • Reflections about Open Infrastructure for Scholarly Communications in Latin America Slides
  • Preprints: paving the way towards Open Science  Slides
  • Texts as data: Towards a FAIRer, open landscape in the humanities Slides
  • We have seen the future of publishing and it’s not what counts Slides
  • Evolution of Basic Research and Assessment Metrics in China  Slides
  • Behavioural changes in the research landscape: a perspective Slides
  • Research on research: work in progress Slides
  • In a Time of Global Challenge, Open Access Policy in CMAPH Slides
  • Submission changes  Slides
  • Throwing off the shackles of legacy pricing (and publishing) in scholarly communications Slides
  • The Plan S Price Transparency Frameworks Slides
  • Transparency, or, the Truth about (HSS) Publishing Slides
  • Opening up the books: the value of transparency at Open Book Publishers Slides

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