Other catalogues

National Catalogues:

  ..:: ACNP - Italian Serials Catalogue ::..

It derives from the National Serials Union Catalogue (ACNP), it started in the 70s by ISRDS-CNR. It contains bibliographic descriptions from serials belonging to libraries located along the whole nation and covering all disciplines.

  ..:: SBN - National Library Service ::..

SBN OPAC (where OPAC stands for "on line public access catalogue") allows customers to enter with formality of friendly search to the collective catalogue of libraries that take part in the National Library Service.
The National Library Service (SBN) is the Italian libraries network promoted by the General Direction for Library Heritage and Cultural Institutes in cooperation with the Regions and the Universities, with the coordination of the Central Institute for the Union Catalogue of Italian Libraries and for Bibliographic Information (ICCU). Participating to the SBN are at now about 4900 state, university, academies, local bodies, and public and private institutions libraries, operating in different sectors.

  ..:: SBA Pisa - University of Pisa library system ::..

Access to the University of Pisa library system.

  ..:: SIBA - University of Lecce ::..

University Libraries Online Catalog - OPAC.

  ..:: M.A.I. - MetaOpac Azalai Italiano ::..

Mantained by the Italian National Library Association (AIB) and the "Consorzio Interunversitario Lombardo per l'Elaborazione Automatica (CILEA)". MAI allows contemporary access to more than 140 online catalogues belonging to Italian libraries and library systems.

Since July 1st, 2015 the MAI service is temporarily stopped. We are working to reactivate it as soon as possible.

  ..:: Opac BNCR - National Central Library of Rome ::..

Since 1990 the catalogue of the National Central Library of Rome is available on-line. Presently the on-line catalogue includes all news connected to:
* the printed material arrived in the library from 1990 and the important funds acquired during the years and included in the database
* the periodical publications
* part of the ancient monographs (about 70.000 works) of theXVI-XIX (untill 1830).
For the previous holdings (before 1990) users must refer to the general card catalogue of monographs set in (the area of) the central gallery.

  ..:: Opac BNCR - National Central Library of Florence ::..

The on-line catalogue of the BNCF, also known as OPAC (On-line Public Access Catalogue) allows the research among the database of the Pole BNCF. The BNCF catalogue is on-line since 1985. It is not complete the recovery of the previous catalogue. This catalogue includes the databases of seven other libraries that are part of BNCF Pole.

International Catalogues:

  ..:: Library of Congress, USA ::..

 Library of Congress Online Catalog.

  ..:: The British Library ::..

Access to the British Library Web Site

  ..:: BNF - Bibliothèque nationale de France - General Catalog ::..

Access to the general catalogue of the France National Library that includes all the document references of the whole BNF

  ..:: Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin (Berlin National Libray) ::..

Berlin library web site.

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