CNR catalogues

biblioteca cnr pisa


  ..:: LIBERO - Online Public Access Catalogue ::..

It gives access to CNR Pisa union catalogues:

  ..:: MOP - Pisa MetaOpac ::..

It gives integrated access to "Scuola Normale Superiore", "Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna", University, "Biblioteca Provincia le e Comunale" and "Domus Galileiana" catalogues and to all CNR ones.

  ..:: MISCIO - CNR Serials Union Catalogue ::..

It gives access to serials owned by most of CNR Research Institutions.

  ..:: MetaOpac CNR - Experimental MetaOpac CNR ::..

The experimental MetaOpac CNR IS A prototype for the integrated access to the catalogues/repository of great interest for the scientific community.

Hosted Catalogues:

  ..:: IRPPS Catalogues - Rome CNR ::..

Gives access to IRPPS Catalogues - Rome CNR:

  ..:: Serials catalogues of IAMC - Taranto CNR ::..

Gives access to the IAMC serials catalogue.

  ..:: Giorgio Ronchi Foundation ::..

It aims to promote knowledge spreading in the field of optics science history and sciences connected to it; as well as to favour summarized information concerning study fields not straightly connected to optics and science history.

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